Welcome to the first Dutch Wooden Boats Festival in the Netherlands held in Den Helder with lots of wooden boats on land and in the water. Every boat made with love by many boat builders who have put their soul and heart into it.

We celebrate this festival because It should have been done long ago! Nobody did so far.

The utmost first boat was made of wood and we celebrate that we still build and enjoy wooden boats very much.
Also my former employer, the Hout en Meubilerings College in Amsterdam started a ‘boat builders training’ 25 years ago. The College itself celebrates her 90 years existence this year! Congrats!

The Nautical Monuments Foundation here in Den Helder started 10 years ago! Time for a party, yep!

Our event will take place on the site of Willemsoord, the old Navy shipyard in the city of Den Helder, 1 hour north of Amsterdam. There are many maritime institutions on this shipyard like the Nautical Monuments Foundation that hosts many other foundations that honour the up keeping of a nautical monument, most of them steel, but she made of wood. A Navy Museum and a SAR Museum are on the premise. Many of the members of these foundations will be invited for this celebration.

With over 1000 m of wooden boats counted today and still counting, it is getting a very spectacular first time!

What is the Dutch WoodenBoat Festival
The Dutch WoodenBoat Festival is the first Dutch Festival for Wooden Boats

What can be expected?
Networking, job market, workshops, speakers, food and music and maybe and an ABBA (Amateur BoatBuilding Award) or even working on your boat. See the program

How can I register?
It is a free event and you can register on our Facebook page. One can register as a student or ex-student, as a company or just as a visitor.
Register on Facebook or send an email to info@dutchwoodenboatfestival.nl